The site of Dagenham Green comprises of 18.45 ha brownfield land and is situated immediately to Dagenham Dock station in London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Historically the site was primarily used as a press shop to produce vehicle panels for Ford and has a strong industrial history such as the 1968 Ford sewing machinists strike women’s equal pay and the ‘Made in Dagenham’ movement.

The mixed-use scheme of Dagenham Green consists of up to 3,502 high quality homes with a wide range of building typologies within ten varying character areas and offer opportunity for non-residential ground floor uses strategically located along the main pedestrian routes and the two main gateways.

The Masterplan includes approximately 5 acres for an Urban Park which will form a new destination in Dagenham and will become a space to reconnect with nature where people of all age groups can exercise, play, relax and dwell in the outdoors. In addition, every home will have access to high quality green space which fits into the vision of a landscape-led scheme where everybody lives by the green.

The primary movement is made through a diagonal pedestrian route linking Dagenham Dock train station with New Road and the surrounding existing and emerging neighbourhoods. This route creates a journey through the site traversing all key open spaces. A clear townscape hierarchy of marker buildings and key corners will contribute to wayfinding and legibility across the Masterplan and from the surrounding area. South of the site a new secondary school and adjacent employment plot will deliver a minimum of 4,000sqm of industrial workspace creating a truly mixed-use neighbourhood.

Dagenham Green will become the urban heart of the new neighbourhood, designed to connect existing local and new residents. Starting with people, we are creating an exciting place, centred around sustainable social amenity, active uses and public realm. A diverse community will proudly live here, making the most of their lives through a variety of opportunities including well-being, learning and working.

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