Gender Pay Statement - Year to 5 April 2018

Following a second year of reporting, we have only recorded a slight improvement in the mean Gender Pay Gap figures, which is not unexpected given that measures put in place since the 5 April 2018 snapshot date will not deliver any meaningful result immediately. However, we fully realise that we still have a long way to go.

How are we addressing this?

In the last year, as a leadership team, we have had to take a good look at the practices and procedures defining our ethos and culture, and how these manifestly reflect our desire for equality of opportunity. Recent press articles have reported that in our profession there is now a clear 50/50 balance of male and female students studying architecture, but this balance changes dramatically in the years post-qualification when many more women than men leave the profession. We were therefore keen to review this phenomenon in terms of our own employees and implement any strategies that would encourage the retention and encouragement of women in the architectural profession.

Acknowledging that females make up approximately 47% of our employee headcount and against a male-heavy senior management backdrop, we held a female-only event to gauge internal perceptions in respect of equal opportunity and support, flexible working, family friendliness, dignity and respect at work and role models. The intention is to hold a similar event again in 2019.
Whilst no unlawful barriers to promotion or development were identified, our policies on Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion, Parental Leave and Flexible Working have been updated, as well as the message from the Senior Partners reinforcing PRP's promotional stance of these policies.

Our Parental Leave policies are featured on our website to reflect the fact that the maternity bonus we offer is now a staggered payment made during leave to provide financial benefit when needed most. Shared Parental Leave is also therefore increased and is actively encouraged at the start of and during employment.

Gender monitoring of flexible working requests, numbers qualifying for Part 3, starters and leavers, and promotions was carried out to get a clearer view of how these are broken down between genders and will be an on-going exercise reviewed at board level.

Further reinforcing our intentions for promotion of equality, we are now proud Partner members of Women In Architecture which means that we get benefit from others experiences of driving this agenda forward. This is in addition to sponsoring the business and support network, WISH (Women in Social Housing).

On-going challenges

The presence of senior level male employees who are not LLP members and whose salaries are therefore included in calculations is still a factor that continues to skew our figures in respect of both pay and bonus. This is reflected in the analysis below. We have taken the analysis further by calculating the mean hourly rates and percentage difference, as well as the percentage difference in bonus of both genders. The latter calculation clearly illustrates the skew caused by the predominance of senior level male employees.

Despite a predominantly male middle and senior level internal candidate pool, we are starting to see more females in management roles and are proactively identifying future promotions. The gender monitoring has revealed that the number of females qualifying as architects is increasing, as is the number of female new starters who are part of a growing pool of female candidates to be considered for promotion in years to come. Just as we are mindful of the need to address the gender balance, we are equally aware of the BAME aspect. We are proud to have board level representation in both areas.

Our Gender Pay calculations (all relevant employees) as at 5 April 2018 were as follows:

Average Hourly Pay

Year to 05/04/2018 Year to 05/04/2017
The Mean Gender Pay Gap 17.69% 18.85%
The Median Gender Pay Gap 19.03% 20.03%

Average bonus

Year to 05/04/2018 Year to 05/04/2017
The Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 47.66% 45.37%
The Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 20% 32.86%

The Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment

Year to 05/04/2018 Year to 05/04/2017
Male 76.47% 58.18%
Female 69.17% 63.48%

Quartile Pay Bands

Year to 05/04/18 Year to 05/04/17 Male mean hourly rate Female mean hourly rate % difference in hourly rate
Lower Quartile
Male 15 28.30% 32.73% 13.08 13.16 -0.63%
Female 38 71.70% 67.27%
Total 53
Lower Middle Quartile
Male 24 45.28% 43.64% 17.84 17.04 4.48%
Female 29 54.72% 56.36%
Total 53
Upper Middle Quartile
Male 22 41.51% 49.09% 26.07 25.23 3.20%
Female 31 58.49% 50.91%
Total 53
Upper Quartile
Male 39 73.58% 72.73% 20.88 20.75 0.62%
Female 14 26.42% 27.27%
Total 53

Neil Griffiths
Senior Partner

March 2019