Gender Pay Statement - Year to 5 April 2019

Our gender pay gap has continued to close for the third year running. We are gradually seeing an increase in female numbers in both upper middle and upper quartiles, as well as a decrease in female numbers in the lower quartile.

Contributory Factors

The difference in male employee numbers compared to female, particularly within the upper quartile, which is 38.18% higher, is still a major contributor to the existence of a gap in terms of pay and bonus.

A strong proportion of female employees in both lower and lower middle quartiles, the bulk of which hold support and part-time roles, will also have a bearing on the disparity between pay and bonus. This is despite the greater proportion of females in the upper middle quartile.

Additionally, the inclusion of the salaries of senior male personnel who are still employees and not yet LLP members, remains a contributory factor. The salaries of equivalent senior female personnel are not included because they are LLP members receiving drawings, not salaries, and therefore no longer deemed employees for the purpose of Gender Pay reporting.

Closing the Gap

As part of our on-going commitment, we will continue to ensure the following:

  • Our recruitment, L&D and progression processes and practices remain free from barriers to women
  • Our culture and ethos supports and promotes inclusivity and diversity
  • Availability where possible of flexible working to all employees irrespective of length of service and with no restriction on the number of requests
  • Discussions around shared parental leave at key stages with all employees
  • Membership of Investors In People to reinforce our approach to equality

Our Gender Pay calculations (all relevant employees) as at 5 April 2019 were as follows:

Average Hourly Pay

Year to 05/04/2019 Year to 05/04/2018 Year to 05/04/2017
The Mean Gender Pay Gap 15.23% 17.69% 18.85%
The Median Gender Pay Gap 13.21% 19.03% 20.03%

Average bonus

Year to 05/04/2019 Year to 05/04/2018 Year to 05/04/2017
The Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 52.39% 47.66% 45.37%
The Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 20.00% 20% 32.86%

The Proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment

Year to 05/04/2019 Year to 05/04/2018 Year to 05/04/2017
Male 74.04% 76.47% 58.18%
Female 63.25% 69.17% 63.48%

Quartile Pay Bands

Year to 05/04/2019 Year to 05/04/18 Year to 05/04/17
Lower Quartile
Male 1934.55%15 28.30% 1832.73%
Female 3665.45%38 71.70% 3767.27%
Total 5553 55
Lower Middle Quartile
Male 2545.45%24 45.28% 2443.64%
Female 3054.55%29 54.72% 3156.36%
Total 5553 55
Upper Middle Quartile
Male 2341.07%22 41.51% 2749.09%
Female 3358.93%31 58.49% 2850.91%
Total 5653 55
Upper Quartile
Male 3869.09%39 73.58% 4072.73%
Female 1730.91%14 26.42% 1527.27%
Total 5553 55

Neil Griffiths
Senior Partner

March 2019