Policies Gender Pay Statement

Our latest gender pay figures indicate a small change in the mean and median gender pay gap from last year. Whilst there have been variations from year to year both figures have reduced significantly since we started recording the pay gaps in 2017.    

Contributory factors: 

As noted previously we still have a considerably greater number of male employee numbers in the upper quartile, but there are a growing proportion of females progressing through the business to qualified status and to more senior roles and this will naturally have an impact on closing the gap. 

We will continue to review and ensure our people practices and processes are supportive of equality. We are committed to close the gender pay gap by encouraging more women to join the practice and by developing enhanced policies and strategies such as agile working, work-life balance and training to support them throughout their careers.  

Our Gender Pay calculations (all relevant employees) as at 5 April 2023 were as follows:

Average Hourly Pay Year to 05/04/2023
The Mean Gender Pay Gap 12.52%
The Median Gender Pay Gap 14.40%
Average Bonus Year to 05/04/2023
The Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 26.97%
The Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 14.29%
The proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment Year to 05/04/2023
Male 73.68%
Female 74.75%
Quartile Pay Bands   Year to 05/04/2023
Lower Quartile    
Male 18 36.73%
Female 31 63.27%
Total 49  
Lower Middle Quartile    
Male 21 42.86%
Female 28 57.14%
Total 49  
Upper Middle Quartile    
Male 21 72.92%
Female 27 27.08%
Total 48  
Upper Quartile    
Male 35 68.09%
Female 13 31.91%
Total 48  

Neil Griffiths
Senior Partner

PRP Group LLP and all associated companies (Including PRP Architects LLP, Innovate at PRP Ltd, PRP Architecture LLP, PRP Technical LLP)

April 2024