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PRP Group LLP - Integrated Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

PRP and all associated companies (PRP from hereon) is primarily an Architectural practice also offering related consultancy services and is committed to excellence in design, service in delivery, compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and BS EN ISO 9001, against which it holds certification, and continual improvement of its Quality Management System. In addition to the aims, as shown below, PRP has set measurable objectives in line with this policy as specified in its Management Manual, appropriate to the purpose and context of its business and supporting its strategic direction.

The practice aims to: 

To achieve these aims, PRP has in place quality procedures to ensure consistent, high quality by:

Environmental Policy

PRP’s EMS Objectives and Policy are set according to the Context of the Business, including the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities and services.

PRP is committed to: 

  1. Protection of the environment and prevention of pollution from its studios and activities that are
    associated with its projects
  2. Fulfil its Compliance Obligations, by complying with applicable legal and other requirements to which PRP subscribes and which relate to its environmental aspects
  3. Continual improvement of the Environmental-Management System (EMS) to enhance PRP's environmental performance and how its operations affect the environment
  4. Meeting PRP’s EMS Objectives and Targets
  5. Communicating the Environmental-Management System to employees through regular inductions and
    update reminders.

We will seek to:-

Provide environmentally-responsible design and specification for the buildings that PRP designs with an emphasis on:

Reduce carbon emissions by:

Promote environmentally-responsible, day-to-day operation of the Practice and the buildings that we occupy

Conserve resources and limit pollution by:

Manage PRP studios and activities to reduce adverse environmental impact by:

Monitor PRP environmental aspects and corresponding compliance requirements and appropriateness of its EMS for on-going improvement

The Practice is a founding member of the UK Green Building Council, it is a member of the Landscape Institute and has a dedicated environmental services team. PRP’s environmental-management procedures and objectives were developed in line with this Environmental Policy and BS EN ISO 14001, against which PRP holds certification. PRP supports the Architects Journal Retrofit campaign, and collates data against PRP projects to benchmark against the London Energy Transformation Initiative and the RIBA Climate Challenge 2030 as part of its overall plan to ensure PRP is carbon negative by 2050.

Brendan Kilpatrick

November 2023