Thrayle HouseStockwell Road, Lambeth

Network Housing Group
No of units
Tenure Mix
Tenures range from social rent to private sale with an element of housing for older people above the mixed use commercial fronting
PRP Studio


  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • The redevelopment of Thrayle House, in Stockwell, south London, replaces an existing 1970s block with a family of buildings varying in scale up to 20 storeys, but united in their style and articulation. The 170 homes for Network Housing Group include family houses and duplex dwellings, dual aspect apartments and penthouses.

    Tenures range from social rent to private sale with housing for older people above commercial units facing the main Stockwell Road. Details and materials reference the vicinity and draw inspiration from the adjoining skateboard park with local street art creating the pattern for the laser-cut balcony balustrading.

  • The landscape and public realm design for Thrayle House bind the four very different edges of this site on the edge of the Stockwell Park Estate. One of the site edges is the existing skateboard park. The landscape design positively addresses the skate area and surrounding streets, providing clear access to the new blocks and maintaining and improving routes to existing homes. A new plaza is provided alongside the edge of the skateboard park which creates an active public realm with seating for all ages. New planting complements the building elevations. The aim is to drive a seamless approach to Architecture and Landscape. New communal gardens are provided in a courtyard and at podium level and incorporate play, planting and seating. All spaces are designed to accommodate the needs of the community from young children to the elderly.