News Chobham Manor: A model for sustainable, family-focused, inclusive living

Chobham Manor: A model for sustainable, family-focused, inclusive living

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April 25, 2023

Pioneering development sets the stage for Stratford's regeneration

In the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Chobham Manor stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability. As the first Olympic Legacy residential project, the development has been widely praised for its eco-friendly design and commitment to inclusivity. The neighbourhoods’ accolades include being shortlisted for the 2023 RIBA London Regional Awards and winning Best Scheme in Planning at the National Housing Awards in 2015.

PRP's multidisciplinary teams, encompassing urban design, landscape, architecture, and development consultancy, have joined forces to create a sustainable community that is environmentally and socially responsible. Completed in 2022, Chobham Manor features 880 new homes, a nursery, community centre, commercial units, and landscaped areas. Among these homes, 75% are designed for families, and 35% are designated as affordable housing.

In 2012, the Legacy Communities Scheme (LCS) received outline planning permission to ensure the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park would leave a long-lasting, sustainable legacy. The master plan was centred around fostering community interaction, enabling residents to connect with their local green spaces and streets, and promoting a strong sense of ownership and empowerment. Chobham Manor seamlessly integrates green spaces, streets, and homes to create a safer and more inclusive community.

In line with the London Legacy Development Corporation's (LLDC) goals, Chobham Manor reinterprets traditional London housing typologies, emphasizing inclusive design and sustainability. Lower densities and varying heights frame the neighbourhoods’ green spaces, while low-rise apartment buildings and terraced townhouses create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Notably, 75% of the homes have three or more bedrooms, catering to the housing needs of East London families. The multi-generational house, a three-story townhouse with a self-contained annexe, provides additional flexibility for growing families and a potential income source during times of economic hardship.

Chobham Manor's homes surpass UK standards for new builds in electricity, water, and heat usage, demonstrating the project's commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, the development incorporates a high proportion of native plants to benefit local wildlife, living walls to create microhabitats for insects, and retrofitted bird nesting boxes. A unified design code ensures a cohesive aesthetic across the development, despite the involvement of multiple architects.

From its inception, Chobham Manor has had a significant positive impact on society. The project's focus on inclusion, diversity, and community engagement has resonated with residents, as evidenced by high overall satisfaction ratings. With 64% of respondents planning to stay for five or more years, Chobham Manor represents a model for cohesive, inclusive, and sustainable communities in the future.