Case study: Dan Court

By PRP – 10 February 2021

Dan Court is a full external wall fire remediation project replacing the ACM cladding and brickwork façade to the entire building. The block contains 150 mixed tenure flats each with their own private balcony or terrace.

To ensure that a full digital record is formed and maintained which details each fire barrier and the building’s full façade build-up, PRP and Catalyst have worked with Multivista who are specialists in producing photographic records. Multivista were engaged to provide a digital map of the existing building which included a 3D laser scan of the building to allow accurate measurement.

PRP and Multivista worked together to develop a digital record evidence collection process. During the construction phase Multivista undertook twice weekly site visits to capture the installation which comprised of photographing every single section of the elevation from each scaffold lift and transferring the images onto their digital platform. This enabled a live stream of detailed imagery on every aspect of the construction.

The use of this platform also enables the contractor’s own auditing photographs and reports to be accurately attached to precise locations on the digital record thus providing a thorough and concise record of all new installations. Each fire barrier, façade detail, spandrel etc. has been mapped onto the digital platform and is available for the client and their internal departments to locate and view any aspect of the façade replacement in the future.

An additional function of this platform is the ability for other stakeholders to view and add imagery of issues or progress photographs and reports to the record. This enables accurate reporting and precise location tagging of any maintenance requirements and with what they were remedied.

PRP and Catalyst have found this to be an invaluable tool in ensuring the client has a complete and thorough digital record of the remediated façade for years to come.