Join PRP's 'Shelter in the City' event at the Archikids Festival this weekend

By PRP – 22 July 2016

Now in its third year, the Archikids Festival offers a fantastic opportunity to engage children with architecture, design and the city they live in.

This Saturday, PRP will be participating once again, hosting an activity that will invite children to learn about the concept of shelter and how it relates to the built environment around them. 'Shelter in the City' will allow children to let loose with a range of bright and brilliant materials and construct their own, life-sized shelter, considering the core architectural themes of Structure, Function and Identity.

Each design will be added to a growing community of shelters created by other Archikids throughout the day - what will the final community of shelters look like? Who knows? But what you can be sure of is a great deal of fun, imaginative construction and BIG IDEAS!

Come along and get involved at Finsbury Avenue Square on Saturday 23rd July between 10am - 4pm.