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August 29, 2023

Planning permission has been granted for the redevelopment of Knoll House in Brighton in July 2023. Designed by PRP for Brighton & Hove City Council, Knoll House will provide long-term and affordable accommodation with support for people with physical disabilities and brain injuries.

Knoll House will provide 28 apartments for independent living, together with associated communal space, and accommodation for staff to provide 24-hour care and support on-site. All the apartments have been designed to be wheelchair accessible, with dual-aspect orientations, to ensure optimal levels of daylight, privacy and shading. The building’s balconies will provide outdoor space while also serving a practical purpose for temperature regulation.

The design also improves accessibility to the site's existing pathways, further integrating the building with the local environment.

PRP’s design principles for Knoll House incorporate a fabric-first approach and the use of air source heat pumps and heat interface units for efficient communal heating helping to reduce energy consumption. Active measures such as low-energy lighting, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and energy efficient appliances will reduce this further. These innovations form part of an overall strategy to reduce carbon emissions and enhance building performance. 

"The design for Knoll House not only addresses critical accessibility and care requirements but also optimises energy efficiency and biodiversity integration," said Mary Hutchison, Associate Director at PRP. "The project's care-ready, dual-aspect apartments and incorporation of biophilic elements within the building and landscape will set new standards in sustainable, inclusive housing."

The redevelopment provides for varying care needs whilst maintaining a sense of openness, community and integration within the communal areas and the wider estate. This was achieved through a centralised vertical circulation with separate access points, acting as a subtle security filter.

Biophilic elements, such as trellises and climber plants, will be integrated on the building's walls and landscaping will include native planting, a range of communal outdoor spaces such as roof gardens for interaction and wellbeing. Raised planters will also be built across the scheme to allow residents to enjoy maintenance of the garden and grow vegetables or flowers.

Mary Hutchison adds: “The redevelopment will not only deliver much-needed housing for local residents with disabilities but also set a new precedent for council-owned housing projects. The innovative, sustainable design combined with the ecological enhancement of the surroundings demonstrates a commitment to creating environments that improve lives and protect our shared future. We’re looking forward to continue working with the Council and the local community to deliver this transformational project for the city of Brighton.”


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