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November 21, 2022

A mixed-use development for Retirement Villages Group (RVG) in Tunbridge Wells received  approval at planning committee November 16th. Councillors complemented the team’s inclusive approach to community consultation and the design process. 

The retirement-led development challenges the traditional high-street model by placing later-living housing above commercial units to better support the local economy. PRP’s landscape team alongside architects ColladoCollins have designed a new inclusive and easily accessible development on a site in the centre of Tunbridge Wells that has been vacant for 22 years.

A new landscaped courtyard at the heart of the development as well as podium gardens and roof terraces, where people can safely sit and socialise all year-round is provided. A number of units for food, beverage and independent retail providers along with a wellbeing and fitness centre is woven through the ground level.

The topography, despite its associated challenges, represented an opportunity for the landscape proposals in terms of views to the surroundings whilst creating a landscape ‘plinth’ to the building, making use of the transition in levels. 

The proposal builds on the asset of the existing landscape as an instant visual amenity, bringing the landscape into the built environment. The landscape improvements include a compact network of spaces (both public and private), a legible public realm with pedestrian friendly edges and landscape and ecological enhancements. This will be addressed through a combination of hard and soft landscape interventions as well as tree/shrub planting and bulb planting areas.

The scheme achieves a Biodiversity Net Gain of 20% which is double the mandatory requirement.