News Ripleyville reborn: Sustainable, family-focused development takes shape in Bradford

Ripleyville reborn: Sustainable, family-focused development takes shape in Bradford

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March 18, 2022

Planning permission has been granted by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to regenerate the Ripleyville estate into a new family-oriented community. The project has been designed by PRP for Accent Housing.

Ripleyville is formed of several blocks of flats which have proved expensive for residents to heat. The design and layout of the blocks has encouraged anti-social behaviour over the years in an area where there is an over supply of flats and strong demand for family housing.

Following an appraisal of Ripleyville and an evaluation of the living environment it provided, a major engagement and consultation programme with residents and over 2,000 members of the surrounding community was carried out. Overwhelming support was given for the 1970s estate to be demolished and regenerated.

The regeneration project, totalling an estimated £18.5 million, represents a significant investment in the area. 73 new family homes, which will be available for affordable rent, will be built using innovative modern methods of construction. A fabric first approach, supported by a forward-thinking energy strategy, will ensure it meets our commitment of ensuring new built homes achieve an EPC rating of ‘A’ to help the growing number of people facing fuel poverty and meet our sustainability aspirations. The development will be futureproofed and include housing for a spectrum of accessibility needs.

Andrew Black, Senior Development Manager, said: “This is an exciting new development for Accent. Ripleyville is a large estate and the 73 new homes due to be built will bring long-lasting regeneration, sustainability and opportunity to the local and wider community and address the historic issues the site has had.”

“We have worked closely in the community to identify which types of homes are in most need in the area and consulted on a large scale to make sure we meet both the immediate and long-term needs of residents, especially in providing homes which are cost effective to run.”

“The plan captures many of the aspirations of our development and growth strategy to build desirable homes in areas of need which promote a better standard of living, reduce running costs for residents and contribute positively to the local community.”

“I am confident that our new homes will bring lasting benefits for everyone who lives in and near them.”

Fiona Sadler, Associate at PRP, said: “We are delighted to have secured planning permission to deliver 77 high-quality homes for the residents of Ripleyville. This is a really ambitious project that will regenerate a challenging area, creating an age friendly development, set in a high-quality public realm. It is great to be working with a client who believes that design quality adds real value to a scheme and place.”

New homes are expected to be completed by the summer of 2024.