Camden Goods Yard has been highly commended at the Planning Awards

By PRP – 5 June 2019

Camden Goods Yard has been highly commended at the Planning Awards 2019 last night for the Stakeholder Engagement category.

Camden Goods Yard is a regeneration scheme within the heart of Camden in London. PRP has been working for over two years with One Housing and the local residents, through numerous engagement events and workshop sessions, exploring options for the potential regeneration of their neighbourhoods. People spend years building a community for themselves, and this natural bond to one another and to a location has been and will continue to be the key consideration in design terms.

Placemaking is at the heart of PRP’s approach. We aim to create design proposals which integrate with, and build on, the heritage, landscape and built assets of the existing neighbourhoods and surrounding context, while nurturing, enhancing and celebrating the community who call it home now and for successive generations.

Spyros Katsaros, Director at PRP, said: “We are inspired by the residents’ passion and dedication over the past two years working closely with us to define their aspirations for their neighbourhood. It is a scheme which is truly community-led and will continue to be shaped by residents. What will result is a vibrant and sustainable community, which not only is a considered and sensitive response to the unique challenges of the site but also makes the most of its opportunities and those of the wider aspirations for the London Borough Camden. Designing with people in mind is at the heart of what we do.”