News PRP produces Net Zero Carbon Housing Compendium for national Housebuilder

PRP produces Net Zero Carbon Housing Compendium for national Housebuilder


May 23, 2023

PRP has produced a net zero carbon compendium for one of the country's leading Housebuilders. This comprehensive guide to sustainable house-building practices around the globe will serve as a critical resource for the company as it seeks to develop net zero homes in the UK.


As a result of the research undertaken by PRP and the Housebuilder, the compendium represents a significant step forward in the drive towards net zero design and construction.  The work builds on the 3 previous versions of the Zero Carbon Compendium produced by PRP for the Zero Carbon Hub.


Net zero carbon housing is a crucial goal for the construction industry, with households in the UK currently responsible for 40% of carbon emissions. Housebuilders have both the responsibility, and the opportunity, to act and ensure their activities minimise environmental impacts and advance pathways that mitigate climate change. By achieving net zero carbon dwellings, the Housebuilder will be able to dramatically reduce its environmental impact while also creating more comfortable, energy-efficient, and affordable homes.


"We are proud to have worked with this national housebuilder on this important project," said Naomi Crawford, PRP, Associate Director. "Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that this compendium will serve as a valuable resource for any organisation seeking to reduce its carbon footprint."


The net zero carbon housing compendium represents a significant milestone in the push towards more sustainable construction practices. It provides detailed information on the latest technologies, best practices, case studies, and examples of successful net zero carbon projects.