A Second Successful Year with PRP’s Solid/Void Creations at Archikids Festival 2015!

By PRP – 28 July 2015

A second successful year with PRP’s Solid/Void Creations at Archikids Festival 2015! Over 150 children brought their families along to Finsbury Avenue Square this Saturday where they built, drew and moulded miniature cities with alginate, a fun and messy material which, as we were told, ‘looks like cheese!’.

The event kicked off to a windy start, with PRP volunteers running around the square trying to catch flying boards, bouncy blocks and drifting cubes! After this rescue mission the first rays of sunshine made the perfect setting for a new session of fun.

The Archikids followed 5 steps in completing the activity:

  • learn – a collective city board game;
  • build – an individual plot with foam blocks;
  • draw – recreate the design on paper;
  • mould – make the model of the open space; and
  • present – add the creations to the solid/void grid.

The children’s creativity blew us away once more: they imagined the new Shard … and it’s sewage system (!!), the BT tower, the bunny building, the mouse building, bridges, factories, barns, lego buildings, and even smiley buildings! The collective city was tirelessly rebuilt many times throughout the day as each gust of wind would give a new blank canvas for their creations!

At the end of the day the PRP team went home looking more like construction workers than architects, fully covered in alginate but very happy after a fun filled messy day!