Solid/Void Creations by PRP volunteers generates fun and mess at Archikids Festival!

By PRP – 30 July 2014

Last Saturday PRP and HTA organised an extremely successful event with over 200 families taking part, as part of the Archikids Festival. Initiated two years ago by Open City, the festival introduces children to the fundamentals of architecture through fun, engaging activities. This all takes place within the City of London Square Mile, an area often perceived as not accessible to children.

Our activity, entitled Solid/Void Creations, was located on the lower ground floor of One New Change and designed to engage children with the architecture of the city, seen as both the buildings; the solids, and the spaces between; the voids. The positive/negative relationship between the two was introduced to the kids through pin press toys, board games and examples of well known spaces around London. They were then given a site base and foam blocks to create their own miniature city. Once completed, they placed their base into a colourful, transparent plastic box to create the mould of the open space. A fast setting and colour changing material called alginate was poured into the mould, resulting in a second model in less than 5 minutes! All the kid’s creations were then placed into a lattice creating a collective city of solids and voids.

The day was a huge and messy success, enjoyed by the kids, parents and PRP staff alike!