News The Sharp Project: Regenerating an old warehouse into state-of-the-art studios for creative

The Sharp: Regenerating an old warehouse into state-of-the-art facilities for creatives


April 24, 2023

The Sharp Project provides flexible space for digital content production in Manchester. PRP worked closely with the City Council and Manchester Creative Digital Assets Ltd to convert the 250,000 sq. ft for Sharp Electronics warehouse into affordable, state of the art  film, TV and music production facilities. This is the only significant facility of its kind outside London.

The 2,300m2 former warehouse is now home to 54 film, TV, music and design companies all of whom complement each other. Much of the original shell has been retained and the external space makes way for the drama of the transformed interiors, built around the circulation route and campus, which create the traditional ambiance of a high street with its town square.

The stripped workplaces are highly adaptable, offering the creative occupiers, maximum opportunity to personalise their spaces. When room became scarce, availability was expanded by introducing converted, used shippig containers which had been reinvented as glazed offices and plugged into the site’s technical infrastructure. These are positioned around the central street linking the various buildings and facilities. The used containers were converted off site, allowing the main building to be prepared for occupation, decorated and service infrastructure installed.

The space stimulates work opportunities and gives a central meeting point for a variety of target activity, meetings, networks and events hosted at The Sharp. This area is served by a member's entrance which allows occupiers to enter directly into the heart of the building, whilst visitors must journey past work spaces and offices, gaining an understanding of the building and allowing them to savour the thriving atmosphere.

Through careful design The Sharp Project has turned a conventional warehouse building into a creative bustling town with various neighbourhoods adding to its unique identity.