News Case Study: Toplocks Glade Lane, Southall

Case Study: Toplocks Glade Lane, Southall


August 13, 2021

  • Client: Catalyst
  • Role: Employer’s Agent, Cost Consultant, Site Inspector
  • Value: £8m

The site was purchased in 2014 to use as decant accommodation for the adjacent Havelock regeneration estate. Toplocks was designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation and is part of the wider Local Significant Industrial Site area. The development comprises 26 affordable homes along with car parking, landscaping and a new footbridge over Maypole Dock to create a new pedestrian and cycle link.

PRP provided Employer’s Agent, Cost Consultant and Site Inspector services on this brownfield site and were instrumental in compiling the contract documentation which reflected the needs of all stakeholders.

This compact logistically challenging project included the design and construction of a swing bridge across the canal and consultation with the surrounding stakeholders was extensive. When Catalyst bought the dock they became the landlord of the moorings and the boats. Although LB Ealing wanted a swing bridge for the benefit of the new residents, the boat owners were not in agreement.

With Catalyst, we led a series of meetings with the board owners and wider stake holders. Our EA played a fundamental part in ensuring negotiations commenced sufficiently early to ensure that the mooring was removed without delaying the bridge installation, avoiding costs to Catalyst. Our approach was founded on the following principles:

  • Clear, concise communication to all stakeholders without the use of jargon or overly technical language whilst still communicating the critical information.
  • A calm approach to all issues, taking care to listen to residents, understand and addressing their concerns.
  • Involving stakeholders in decision making e.g. using samples and mock up’s to allow resident choices.
  • Being properly prepared, anticipating questions in advance and giving confidence to the stakeholders that their needs and concerns are being considered seriously.
  • Use of tools to present imagery and animations.
  • Engaging with the wider community such as schools and community groups.

Confirming concerns raised by the residents during pre-contract consultation in the contract documents to ensure that they are adhered to. This may include preventing operatives parking in an area already congested with on street parking for example.

The appointment of PRP as Employer’s Agent on the Toplocks development project was key to the successful delivery of the project. During the JCT build contract negotiation stage, the principle PRP Lead used their skills and expertise to review, assess and collate a significant amount of vital documentation presented by both the contractor and the developer, which formed the build contract and the Employer’s Requirements.

Rose Okoro, Development Manager