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Sara Celentano


Development Consultancy

Sustainability & Climate

Over the past 10 years at PRP, Sara has played a key role in delivering a number of projects related to sustainability in the built environment.

Her detailed knowledge of building analysis and design is complemented by direct experiences on the performance gap and practical approach gained by working closely with key sustainability products, manufacturers, and installers and by engaging and communicating with residents and other non-technical stakeholders to deliver retrofit projects, implementation plans, and Post Occupancy Evaluations.

As a key member of the Development Consultancy team, Sara currently leads a variety of projects with a particular focus on Daylight and Sunlight, Social Value, Embodied Carbon, and POE, providing advice on the wider thermal performance of buildings across a variety of uses. Sara's expertise is applied on a variety of scales, combining her experience as a BREEAM Communities assessor with small-scale research projects focused on developing new products for suppliers and regulation analysis for government bodies, enabling her to always be at the forefront concerning new systems, technologies, and materials.

Prior to joining PRP, she had a central role in implementing sustainable strategies in sensitive urban areas and worked with the University of Naples, Italy, on a major retrofit conference and report, both titled "The Building Retrofit Challenge," helping her gain extensive experience in social research.