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Trafford Housing Trust


Old Trafford
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Created to make convenient city living more affordable and accessible, Lucy Street in Old Trafford offers a variety of duel aspect one and two bedroom mews, duplex and apartments available for rent and to purchase through shared ownership.

Located between Manchester and Trafford, the area has seen substantial regeneration since 2000 and although a historically significant neighbourhood, the strong Victorian grain had been corroded through slum clearance, post-war low rise development and early 2000 urbanisation. This had created an uncomfortable mix of Radburn type housing set against eight storey linear elevations towards the back edge of pavement with limited fenestration. PRP's design response has reorientated the buildings towards the historic grain, and set the building back from the road to introduce street trees and green space. This created saw tooth patterns in plan which animate the various typologies within the fa'ade, enabling the building to be read either as a single mass or a finer grain depending on the viewpoint. Beyond the Lucy Street elevation, accommodation is clustered on three sides around a shared podium garden, with access to the apartments provided off wide walkways, which enable each of the 42 units to be duel aspect with an area of private amenity.

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