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Knightsbridge, London


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The PRP + Hamiltons proposal is for a high-quality 120 bedroom boutique hotel to replace an existing multi storey car park. The site is surrounded by the Hans Town Conservation Area, a nationally important commercial and retail centre which includes Harrods, the nearest listed building. The townscape comprises substantially retail premises and residential mansion blocks developed mainly between 1890 and 1910. The Edwardian character, exemplified by red brick, terra cotta, and elaborate white painted timber window frames, is the predominate architectural style in the area. The island site is surrounded by narrow roads to each side which results in an unusual pentagonal shape requiring an innovative design solution.

A strong and very direct pedestrian link is established from Harrods, via Basil street leading to the western nose of the site. The proposed form of the building has been informed by the surrounding context including safeguarding the amenities of adjacent occupiers. The massing and form of the building has been developed in close consultation with GIA light surveyors to ensure that the scheme creates within the neighbourhood an interesting but discreet jewel radiating activity and life. The upper storey set-backs ensure that the top of the building has very little impact on the surrounding streets and as the upper floors progressively diminish in size there is little impact on the skyline. The lower four floors, forming the base of the building, reflect the character of the Edwardian locality through the use of orange-red sandstone but with the building’s architecture given a lightness in feel delicacy of detail with the use of pre-finished aluminium external joinery complimented by high-performance glass.

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