Clapham Park is located close to the centre of Lambeth, within equal reach of the bustling local centres of both Clapham and Brixton.

This is the third of the completed sites designed by PRP on the estate.

The site is located within a low rise, low density area, on the eastern edge of the estate.

The houses define a new local mews, which complements and enhances the existing local residential street character.

The design seeks to maximise development opportunities and the size of each house. The use of four storey houses enables a deeper floor plan whilst providing a 6.5m rear garden and a south facing roof terrace, giving the appearance of a three storey house, thereby reducing impact around the primary open space.

Daylight penetrates the middle of the houses through the use of full height glazing to the top floor terrace off the circulation area, and deftly located rooflights.

The elevational concept of the houses brings together the different scales and periods of neighbouring buildings, using locally prevalent materials. It aspires to bring together the rhythm of the traditional Victorian terrace and the idiosyncrasy of the Bourke Close houses.


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