An uninspiring mix of retail and underused, linear green space surrounded by residential streets, is transformed in a vision to turn Pitsea town centre into a vibrant mixed-use destination with retail, cafes, a new library and residential.

Broad, paved, tree lined paths lead you on a journey from the town centre square to a wildflower nature meadow, passing a series of linked attractive and active, year round spaces that combine nature, education, fitness, and wellbeing.

The civic square is terminated by a feature oak at the new town centre green, next to the nursery, making it a great play area. A stage acts as seating and performance space, and is backed by a cherry grove, giving seasonal colour, and a place for picnics.

Hedges back snowdrops and bluebells in a spring meadow. Next, a community garden and adjacent town orchard promotes growing. The summer meadow follows, with long grass and native flowers, maximising nectar for bees and butterflies.

The existing recreation ground is transformed into an active meadow with formal and informal play, outdoor gym, five- a-side football and jogging route. This finally leads to the wildflower meadow: a mosaic of wild plants, outdoor learning and quiet places to get away from it all.

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