Housing Standards Review

The UK Government
PRP Studio

PRP (Andy von Bradsky) was part of 'The Challenge Panel' - 4 independent advisers from across the construction sector - who were commissioned by the government to review the current system of building regulations and standards for housing in England and to advise on how the regulatory system can be improved to work more efficiently.

They were tasked with critically examining the complex system of voluntary and other standards that local authorities are currently able to apply in local plan policies and through planning conditions, to comment on and, if appropriate, challenge the outcomes of the Housing Standards Review Group (HSRG) during the review process. They were given freedom to comment more widely on the regulatory process outside of the HSRG terms of reference.

The housing standards review was a fundamental review of the building regulations framework and voluntary housing standards. It aimed to significantly rationalise the large number of codes, standards, rules, regulations and guidance that add unnecessary cost and complexity to the house-building process.