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Poplar HARCA


Tower Hamlets, London
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Brownfield Estate began to be developed in the 1950s with the prominent, iconic listed buildings designed by Erno Goldfinger located within the conservation area in Brownfield. The vision for the site was to respond to the existing and the strong geometric design influence of Goldfinger, creating welcoming and well-connected public realm whilst responding sensitively to the site and its bold and contemporary character. Unifying the site and creating an inviting landscape for the new and existing buildings, the nature of the site put a strong emphasis on the importance and quality of the landscape as both a setting and a community utility.

The nature of the landscape areas is varied in size and setting. As the commission was for environmental improvement with possibility of infill development, courtyards and open spaces were being designed to reflect the area that they are located. This urban regeneration project was treated as an opportunity to rethink a neighbourhood and transform a run-down and poorly-connected estate.

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