Landscape Clapham Park

What we did





Lambeth, London



Tenure mix

Affordable, Private, Commercial


Winner - Excellence in Visualisation and Digital Practice - Landscape Institute Awards 2021
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PRP's masterplan of Clapham Park will provide 2,532 new homes and is considered to be the largest full detailed planning of its kind in the UK. Strategically located between Clapham, Brixton and Streatham Hill, the 33-hectare masterplan will create a vibrant, inclusive series of neighbourhoods. It will deliver safe, secure streets, ample public and private green space, and new community facilities, whilst also positively maintaining Clapham Park's unique character. The masterplan draws inspiration and maintains the green, leafy and open nature of the Clapham Park community.

The masterplan will offer a variety of landscape and open space typologies to help meet the overall open space requirements and to create a vibrant, inclusive community. Underpinned by strategic BIM planning, the project was developed using PRP's smart regeneration initiative which fosters a culture of 'design ownership' with everyone contributing the design process. The technology also facilitated the engagement process with estate residents where they could visualise the landscape during the design process.

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