Landscape Oval Quarter

What we did



Regenter Consortium (Pinnacle Group, Higgins Group, John Laing)


Lambeth, London


808 new homes and the refurbishment of 172 existing properties
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PRP’s masterplan creates a new urban village, drawing inspiration from the surrounding conservation area. The project aims to enhance ecology and is centred around a new central park creating a focal point for the estate. With robust planting, places to sit, relax, socialise and play for old and young alike, the park also links directly to the community centre.

The design uses established best practice principles to restructure the estate into a well-connected, safe community and ensure its integration into the wider area. This is achieved through re-inventing a traditional street-based masterplan and creating a clear network of through routes, home zones, spaces and streets.

A series of landscaped spaces are included as part of the new public realm routes which integrate the estate into the surrounding city. ‘Homezones’ at Oval Quarter integrate parking and play equipment on a shared surface with no distinction between road and pavement to encourage ownership of the uses.

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